Best Dumbbells For Home Gym – Which Dumbells Are Best For You?

Dumbells are not one size fits all there are different brands, styles, and price ranges. I will take you through the different styles of dumbbells to help you decide which dumbbells are the best for your home gym.

First, we have the adjustable dumbbell pictured below

These dumbbells are great for someone on a budget at a price of $234 this is going to be the cheapest way to get a lot of weight. You can adjust these from 5 to 100lbs each so you’re getting a total of 200 lbs. The bar is 20″ long and this is the part that I don’t like with the bar being 20″ long it will get in the way of some exercises. On the flip side of that, the bar can be used to do other exercises like seated calve raises.

I used to have a set just like this one I used them all the time and they worked great for me except every once in a while the long bar would get in the way.

Titan fitness also offers 5 – 50 lbs for $114 they also have them in chrome 5 – 52.5 lbs for $134 and 5 – 100lbs for 259.99 


Pros – The cheapest way to go, Easy to use, Just as effective as the expensive style, You get two dumbells that go from 5 – 100lbs

Cons – The 20″ bar can get in the way, Takes a little time to change the weight

I would recommend this type of dumbbell for someone who wants to get a lot of weight the cheapest way possible. These are for someone who uses the same weight for every set if you like to do drop sets and need to change weight as quickly as possible then these dumbells are not for you.

If you would like more information or would like to buy these dumbbells Click The Link Below.

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Another type of adjustable dumbbell is the Selecttech made by Bowflex pictured below.

First is the Selecttech 552 pictured in the front each dumbbell adjust from 5 – 52.5lbs. They are 15.75″ long and come with a 2-year warranty for the price of $299.00

Pictured on the left are the Selecttech 1090 dumbbells, they adjust from 10 -90lbs in 5lbs increments, they are 17.5″ long and come with a 3-year warranty, for the price of  $599.00

The Selecttech 552 and 1090 operate in the same way they have knobs with the weight numbered on each side of the dumbbell, all you have to do is turn each knob to the desired weight and that’s it, now you have a different weight to work out with.

If you would like to see a youtube demonstration of the Selecttech 552 click here.

Pros – Easy to use, Cheaper than buying an entire rack of dumbbells, change weight faster than the titan fitness dumbbells, takes up less space.

Cons – More expensive than the titan fitness dumbbells


Pictured in the back are the Selecttech 560 dumbbells they adjust from 5 – 60lbs, they are 15.8″ long. They have a built-in three-dimensional trainer that tracks the reps, sets, weight, count, and speed you will need a blue tooth compatible device for this.


The 560 operates a little differently than the 1090 and 552 instead of the knobs on the sides all you have to do is turn the handle you hold on to in the middle, and it reads the weight you selected on a screen.

Check out the 560 in action below

Pros – Built-in three-dimensional trainer,  Built-in customizable workouts, and a free app.

Cons – More expensive than the Selecttech 552 and the Titan Fitness dumbbells.

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Next, we have my personal favorite and what I have in my home gym the Hex Dumbbell

These dumbbells are made of iron and usually have a knurled handle for better grip. They are not adjustable and they have the weight stamped on them.

What I like about this style of dumbbell is that they are compact, there is no bar hanging out and getting in the way. I don’t have to switch the weights manually I can just put them down and pick up another weight, which is great for someone like me who likes to do drop sets and needs to switch weights very quickly.

If you have a lot of different weights they can take up some space unless you stack them 2 layers high when you put them away like I do. Buying them this way can get expensive but if you buy them one pair at a time it’s not so bad.

I would recommend this type of dumbbell to someone who doesn’t want to switch weight manually, doesn’t want the extra length of bar hanging out and getting in the way, or needs to switch weight quickly.

Cap Barbell has Hex dumbells in different weights from 3lbs up to 120lbs. Click The Link Below And Pick The  Weight You Want.


Next, we have rubber coated hex dumbbells pictured below

These are just regular iron dumbbells with a rubber coating on the ends. The purpose of the rubber coating is to protect your floor from scratches and dings. The rubber coating also prevents them from rusting and gets rid of the sharp edges and they won’t chip. They can also make the accidental finger pinch a little less painful.

The rubber coating also makes them cost a little more. I will give you an example a pair of rubber coated 20lb dumbells will cost you around $59 at Titan Fitness and that’s the cheapest I could find.

This type of dumbbell is very popular among home gyms because they last longer and they are safer for you and your floors.

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Next, on the list, we have lightweight neoprene dumbbells pictured below


Now, these dumbbells would be more for a cardio workout that you just want a little added resistance. If you’re looking to get fit, stay fit or lose weight and you want just a little more resistance during your cardio workout than these are for you.

You can usually find them in weights up to 10lbs for a fairly cheap price,  j/fit has a really good selection of racks with different weights.

To check out the j/fit selection Click The Link Below.


The Final Set 

We have looked at several different types of dumbbells from Adjustable, Iron hex, Rubber coated, and Neoprene lightweight dumbbells.

Before you buy dumbbells you should ask yourself a few questions.

First of all, for most people the most important question will be, What is my budget? if you can’t afford the more expensive type that’s fine you will still be able to get fit, stay fit, lose weight, or build muscle with all the dumbbells shown here.

Next, How much room do I have? Do I need to change weight quickly? Do I need a wide range of weights? Do I need my dumbbells to have a protective coating? when you answer these questions you will know exactly which dumbbell is right for you.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

I wish you all the best in reaching your fitness goals


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