Dumbbell Front Raise How To – Guides, Videos, And Tips

Do you know the proper way to do the dumbbell front raise? In this dumbbell front raise how to you will learn the proper way to do a dumbbell front raise.

Most people think they know how to do the dumbbell front raise but are actually doing it wrong. When you do it the wrong way it can cause shoulder impingement.

Impingement is when a small bone extending from the shoulder blade rubs on the rotator cuff causing pain. So it is very important that you do this exercise the right way.

By reading and watching the video of this dumbbell front raise how to post, you will learn the correct way and prevent injury.

Shoulder muscles

The shoulder is made up of 3 different deltoids. The anterior, lateral, and posterior deltoids.

The anterior deltoid is your front delt. The lateral deltoid is your middle delt. The posterior deltoid is your rear delt.

The target muscle of the dumbbell front raise is, of course, the front delt. You use this muscle a lot when you are reaching out in front of you.

Dumbbell Front Raise How To – Begins Now

Target Muscle – Front Delt

Equipment Needed – Dumbbell

Experience Level – Beginner

As Scott demonstrates when your lifting the weight you want to reach out in front of you and bring the weight up to your chin. Breath out on the way up.

Keep a neutral spine, slight bend in the knees, keep your wrist straight and arch your back. You can do the Dumbbell Front Raise lifting both arms at the same time or alternate arms.

Don’t Forget To Warmup First

Along with doing your exercises with proper form and technique to prevent injury, you should also warm up before every workout. Check out this awesome shoulder warmup below.

As Scott explains this warm-up includes 3 exercises 10-12 reps per exercise complete the circuit twice.

The first warmup is simple internal and external rotation with the dumbbells. Lay down flat on your back with your arm bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. You want to keep your shoulder as flat as possible so with the other hand push down on your shoulder.

Now with a light dumbbell in your hand rotate forward until you feel a stretch and then backward until you feel a stretch. Do this for 10-12 reps and switch to the other arm.

The next warmup is an overhand resistance band pull. To perform this exercise start with your hands in front of you and pull all the way back until your hands are straight out to your side. You will end with your hands in front of you. Complete 10 reps. As Scott explains make sure your palms face down and your elbows stay pointing back and don’t let your elbow bend.

Next, you will do an underhand resistance band pull. Pull back as far as you can but don’t let your elbows bend.

The next warmup is called the shoulder dislocator. With your hands in front of you and down pull until you have a little tension. With your arms straight go up and over and behind until you touch your butt, then back up and over to the front that is 1 rep.

Stretch After Your Workout

Stretching after you workout will help with soreness and speed up recovery.






The cross body shoulder stretch is a good place to start.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, Keep your right arm straight and bring it across your body, With your left hand hold your right arm behind the elbow and pull towards your body until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Then switch and stretch the other shoulder.









The lower back hand clasp is another good shoulder stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, clasp your hands behind your back roll your shoulders back and pull down.

Dumbbell Front Raise How To: Final Stretch

As you can see from the video there is a wrong way and a right way. Make sure you are reaching out when you do this exercise. Make sure you don’t reach out when you get to the top of the dumbbell front raise, you want to be reaching the entire time from bottom to top.

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Thank you for reading dumbbell front raise how to, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Best of luck in reaching your fitness goals.




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