How To Do A Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press – With Video And Guide

Do you want those big boulder shoulders? Do you want stronger shoulders? Do you want to maintain and keep your shoulders healthy? The seated dumbbell shoulder press is a great way to do all of those.

Keeping your shoulders healthy and free of injury is a must to anyone that works out. If you have ever had a nagging shoulder injury you know it is almost impossible to workout or do much of anything.

That is why learning the proper form of any exercise is very important.

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Adjustable bench

Experience Level: Beginner

Target Muscle: Deltoid

Type of Exercise: Push

Watch the video below to learn how to do the seated dumbbell shoulder press


As Scott demonstrated to make sure your bench is adjusted all the way up. Your feet should be planted flat on the ground. Keep your back and head against the pad, maintain a neutral spine, keep your elbows in line with your hips so that your arms are a little in front of your body, and keep your wrists straight. 

Breath out when you push straight up when you come down your arms should be at a 90-degree angle, Breath in on the way down make sure your arms are a little in front of you. From the 90-degree angle push straight up.

There you have it the correct way to do the seated dumbbell shoulder press.


The Final Stretch

This exercise will fit into your shoulder workout very well. I recommend the seated dumbbell shoulder press to anyone wanting to work their shoulders. Also, don’t forget to warm up before and cool down after your workout to keep your shoulders healthy and free of injury.

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Best of luck in reaching your fitness goals.





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