How To: Dumbbell Flys On A Flat Bench – With Video And Guide

Do you want to learn how to do dumbbell flys the correct way? Do you want a better, bigger, stronger chest? No dumbbell chest workout is complete without dumbbell flys.

Target muscle: Chest                                                                                                                                                                          Experience Level:  Advanced                                                                                                                                                            Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Flat bench


How To Dumbbell Flys The Video Is Below

As Scott says this exercise targets the outer and under part of your chest. Sit down roll back start with the dumbbells above you with your feet flat on the ground.

Make sure that the dumbbells are above your lower chest because if the dumbbells are above your upper chest when you come down you won’t activate the right muscles.

Keep your chest high and flexed keep your wrist straight. But don’t keep your arms straight keep a slight bend in your elbows. Come down until your elbows just barely dip below your back and then bring the weight back up.

Make sure you flex your chest and puff it towards the ceiling that will help bring the whole chest into play.

Breath in as you bring the dumbbells down and breath out on the way up.






Make Sure You Don’t Do Dumbbell Flys Like This

Watch the video below for more tips

To make sure you don’t get injured we need to make sure you do this exercise the right way. Make sure you stretch your shoulders. Scott likes the shoulder breakers to get his shoulders nice and warm.

The first thing that happens when this exercise is done the wrong way is people start to bring their arms over their shoulder as the weights go down the weight needs to be over their chest.

Don’t forget to pack your shoulders during this exercise retract your scapula then bring it down and back. If you pack your shoulders you can go lower and safely.

If you’re still not comfortable you can do the dumbbell flys on the floor. You won’t have to worry about tearing your shoulder because if you lose control the dumbbells will hit the floor.

If you still don’t feel comfortable doing the exercise on the floor you can do the incline dumbbell fly. When you are comfortable with the incline you can move back to the flat bench dumbbell fly.

You will still get a good workout doing this exercise on the floor but you won’t be able to maximize the stretch at the bottom. The stretch at the bottom will maximize your muscle growth.

The dumbbell fly is a great exercise to build your chest if you would like to see the best dumbbell workout for your chest click here.

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