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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Review

So you have heard about optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powder.  You might be wondering 5 lbs container of Gold Standard 100% Wheyif it will work for you, if its worth your hard earned money, will it really help you build muscle?

This optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powder review is going to answer all of those questions and more.

Before we get into this review I would like to say that I have been using this product for many years. Gold standard 100% whey has helped me get the extra protein I need to build more muscle.

What Is Gold Standard 100% Whey

Gold standard 100% whey is a protein powder that gets its primary source of protein from whey protein isolates. It also contains whey protein concentrate and whey peptides.

Whey protein isolates have their base component water removed and are considered almost lactose and cholesterol free. They are typically 90% protein.

Whey protein isolates digest very rapidly in your body and helps get your post workout body back from a catabolic state to an anabolic (muscle building) state.

Whey protein concentrate is the most common form of whey protein. Whey concentrates have a low level of fat and cholesterol. They are typically 29% to 89% protein.

With one rounded scoop of gold standard 100% whey you will get 24 grams of Protein 5.5 grams of BCAA’s and 4 grams of Glutamine and Glutamic Acid.

11 grams of essential amino acids tryptophan, threonine, lysine, phenylalanine, and methionine.

7.7 grams of conditionally essential amino acids, arginine, cystine, tyrosine, histidine, proline.

5.3 grams of nonessential amino acids asparatic acid, serine, glycine, alanine.

Nutritional factsnutritional facts

Calories 120, Calories from fat 15

Total Fat 1.5g, Saturated fat 1g, Trans fat 0

Cholesterol 40mg

Sodium 130mg

Total Carbohydrates 3g, Sugar 2g

Protein 24g

How Does It Taste?

Well, I can say from personal experience that some flavors taste good and some flavors taste bad. I have tried 3 different flavors Chocolate Malt, Cookies and Cream, and Extreme Milk Chocolate.

I mix all my gold standard 100% whey protein shakes with water. I am lactose intolerant so mixing my shakes with milk would be a bad idea.

Let’s start off with Chocolate Malt it tasted horrible at first but after a couple of weeks I got used to it and the taste wasn’t so bad.

Next was Cookies and Cream I’m not a big fan of anything that has the cookies and cream flavor, but this protein shake was actually pretty tasty.my shaker and protein powder

Next was Extreme Milk Chocolate This stuff is delicious I have never had a protein shake that taste so good. Extreme Milk Chocolate Is the flavor I buy.

Gold standard 100% whey protein powder comes in a lot of different flavors so you might have to experiment before you find one you like.

Here is a list of their flavors Banana cream, Birthday cake, Blueberry cheesecake, Cake batter, Cake donut, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate dipped banana, Chocolate malt, Chocolate mint, Chocolate peanut butter, Coffee, Cookies&cream, Double rich chocolate, Extreme milk chocolate, French vanilla cream, Hazelnut, Key lime pie, Mocha cappuccino, Rocky road, Salted caramel, Strawberry, Strawberry banana, Vanilla ice cream, White chocolate.

I have heard through the grapevine that over the past few years optimum nutrition has put forth a lot of effort to make their protein powder taste better.

Optimum nutrition wants you to think outside the glass and try mixing your powder with oatmeal, yogurt, or the milk you pour over your cereal. They also say you can add a scoop or two into baked goods like muffins, brownies, and cookies.

Will Gold Standard 100% Whey Help You Gain Muscle?

The answer is Yes. Does that mean you can drink a shake then go play video games and gain muscle NO it doesn’t work that way.

You need to have your workout and your diet in check. If you don’t overload your muscles enough to cause hypertrophy then they won’t grow.

As for your diet, you need to have enough GOOD carbs and protein available for your body to build your muscle. The recommended amount of protein in your daily diet to build muscle varies depending on who you ask. Some say .8g per lb of lean mass Some say up to 2g per lb of lean mass.

Now let’s just say you go with 2g per lb of lean mass and you have 120 lbs of lean mass that would be 240 g of protein you need every day. Does that mean you should drink 10 shakes a day? NOman holding protein powder

You should get most of your protein from food. Gold Standard 100% Whey should only be used to help you get your daily protein. I would recommend drinking a shake between meals or post workout.

When I got back into working out again I tried a few different brands of protein powder. It seemed like all I was gaining was fat and they were more expensive.

I have been using this protein powder for a few years now and I’m still gaining size and strength. I also eat a lot of foods with protein in them. I believe that the extra 24g of protein a day helps out a lot with my gains.

I make a shake as soon as I’m done lifting weights I like to know that when my body is rebuilding it has plenty of protein to do so with. The protein powder also helps with my soreness and recovery.


How Will Gold Standard 100% Whey Help You Gain Muscle?

There is a lot of different muscle building ingredients in one scoop of protein powder. 5.5g of bcaa’s (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) otherwise known as the building blocks of muscle is a good start.

BCAA’s are branched chain amino acids they increase muscle growth, Decrease muscle soreness, Reduce exercise fatigue, and Prevent muscle wasting.

4g of glutamine, glutamine can minimize the breakdown of muscle. When glutamine is depleted in your body it decreases your strength, stamina, and recovery.

Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis which is your body rebuilding your muscles to make them stronger and bigger.naturally occuring amino acid profile

11g of Essential amino acids, Eaa’s are not made by the body and need to be eaten. When you have all of the eaa’s in your body muscle growth is maximized.

Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey protein that exists. Whey protein isolates are expensive but are the best money can buy.

It’s nice to see that whey protein isolates are the main ingredient in the gold standard 100% whey protein formula.

How Well Does It Mix?

This protein powder mixes a lot better than other protein powders I have tried. I mix 1 scoop in a shaker with 8 oz water for about 20 seconds and its good to go. I don’t have any chunks in my shake.

Optimum nutrition says that this protein powder has been instantized to mix easily with a shaker or just a glass and spoon.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price varies on the size of the container or bag you buy.5lb and 2 lb container

A 6 pack is $9.99 you get 6 servings at $1.66 a serving.

A 1lb bag cost $16.99 you get 14 servings at $1.21 a serving.

A 2lbs container is $29.98 you get 29 servings at $1.03 per serving.

A 3.35lbs container is $47.99 you get 50 servings at $0.99 per serving

A 5lbs container is $57.99 you get 73 servings at $0.79 per serving

A 10lbs bag is $111.99 you get 146 servings at $0.77 per serving

These prices are very good compared to most of their competitors. You are not going to find a protein powder of this quality for lower prices. There is a reason why gold standard 100% whey is a top seller at almost every store.

The best place I have found to buy my supplements is Bodybuilding.com they seem to have the best prices for everything that I buy. When you spend at least $49 the shipping is free.

The prices may vary and sometimes they go on sale. Buy 1 get 1 half off is very common.

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The Final Stretch

Now you know what gold standard 100% whey is made of. You know how some of the flavors taste. You know how it can help you build muscle and recover. You know that it mixes very well and you know the price.

Who is gold standard 100% whey for? I would recommend this to anyone trying to build muscle or maintain muscle. Or to anyone that needs an extra 24g of protein.

If you’re afraid to buy the 5lb container because your not sure if you will like the taste you can always buy a few different 6 packs until you find a flavor you like.

If you are looking for a weight loss shake this is not to be used as a weight loss supplement.

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Thank you for reading our optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powder review if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Best of luck in reaching your fitness goals







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