Shoulder Dumbbell Workout – Do You Want Boulder Shoulders?

Do you only have dumbbells for your home gym but you still want to build those boulder shoulders? Are you tired of using a barbell and machines? Have you heard about the benefits of using dumbbells? If the answer is yes then this shoulder dumbbell workout is for you.

With this shoulder dumbbell workout, you will be hitting all 3 parts of the delt.

The Anterior Deltoid (front deltoid)

The Lateral Deltoid (middle deltoid)

The Posterior Deltoid (back deltoid)

Since you want to build massive shoulders you need to get that muscle hypertrophy.

What is hypertrophy? The Growth and Increase of the Size of muscle cells.

How do you get muscle hypertrophy? Well that’s simple lift as heavy as you can for 8-12 reps. You should be struggling to get those last 2 reps up because that is when the muscle hypertrophy occurs.

When you overload the muscle those tiny fibers break down and when your body rebuilds them it builds them bigger and stronger so that you can lift those heavy weights.

This workout is designed to give your delts the hypertrophy they need to grow.






Before you start your workout it is always important to warm up to increase mobility and help prevent injuries. Watch Scott Herman do a shoulder warm up in the video below.

As Scott explains this warm-up includes 3 exercises 10-12 reps per exercise complete the circuit twice.

The first warmup is simple internal and external rotation with the dumbbells. Lay down flat on your back with your arm bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. You want to keep your shoulder as flat as possible so with the other hand push down on your shoulder.

Now with a light dumbbell in your hand rotate forward until you feel a stretch and then backward until you feel a stretch. Do this for 10-12 reps and switch to the other arm.

The next warmup is an overhand resistance band pull. To perform this exercise start with your hands in front of you and pull all the way back until your hands are straight out to your side. You will end with your hands in front of you. Complete 10 reps. As Scott explains make sure your palms face down and your elbows stay pointing back and don’t let your elbow bend.

Next, you will do an underhand resistance band pull. Pull back as far as you can but don’t let your elbows bend.

The next warmup is called the shoulder dislocator. With your hands in front of you and down pull until you have a little tension. With your arms straight go up and over and behind until you touch your butt, then back up and over to the front that is 1 rep.

Now that you’re warmed up its time to start your shoulder dumbbell workout.

Like I said before this workout is designed for hypertrophy to make your muscles grow. So make sure you’re lifting as heavy as you can for 8-10 reps struggling to get those last 2 reps up.

This shoulder dumbbell workout consists of 4 exercises, you will be doing 4 sets of each exercise 8-10 reps per set.

All you need are some Dumbbells and an Adjustable Bench.


The first exercise is the Dumbbell Shoulder Press. Watch Scott demonstrate the correct form in the video below.

As Scott demonstrated make sure your bench is adjusted all the way up. Keep your back and head against the pad, maintain a neutral spine, keep your elbows in line with your hips so that your arms are a little in front of your body, and keep your wrists straight.

Breath out when you push straight up when you come down your arms should be at a 90-degree angle, Breath in on the way down make sure your arms are a little in front of you. From the 90-degree angle push straight up.

You will do 4 sets of 8-10 reps as heavy as you can. I would also like to add that if you need to drop down in weight between sets to make sure you get 8-10 reps then go ahead.

The next exercise in this shoulder dumbbell workout is the Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise. Watch Scott demonstrate the correct form in the video below.

Scott says that there are two ways to do this exercise. You can either start with the dumbbells in front of you close together or out to your side. It doesn’t matter which way you start as long as your shoulder blades are back and pinched together.

Keep your arms straight and breath out on your way up bring the dumbbells up to about the level just above your neck where your chin is. Come down slowly and then back up.

You will do 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

The next exercise in this shoulder dumbbell workout is the Dumbbell Front Raise.   Watch Scott demonstrate the correct form in the video below.

As Scott demonstrates when your lifting the weight you want to reach out in front of you and bring the weight up to your chin. Breath out on the way up.

Keep a neutral spine, slight bend in the knees, keep your wrist straight and arch your back. You can do the Dumbbell Front Raise lifting both arms at the same time or alternate arms.

You will do 4 sets of 8-10 reps

The last exercise of this shoulder dumbbell workout is the Dumbbell Bent Over Raise. Watch Scott demonstrate the correct form in the video below.

Scott says you should put your feet about shoulder width apart and have a slight bend in your knees. Have a neutral spine with your head down arch your back and bend over.

Bring your arms forward until the dumbbells are in front of you keep your shoulder blades pinched together and bring your arms up breath out as you go up. When you come down it should be controlled don’t just let them fall back down.

You will do 4 sets of 8-10 reps

Now you are done with this shoulder dumbbell workout and you are on your way to having boulder shoulders. Don’t forget to stretch when you’re done to help with soreness.

I have learned a tip to help you build those massive boulder shoulders. Watch the video below and listen to Scott explain it.

Like Scott says If you can find something sturdy to hold on to and do one arm at a time you can lift more weight. That will help you pack on more size to your delts. Using this technique will also help you get more range of motion.

If you don’t have a rack at home to hold on to try using a doorway it works for me.

The Final Stretch

If you follow this shoulder dumbbell workout you will see growth in your shoulders. But don’t forget that a good workout is only part of the equation you also need a healthy diet high in protein and good carbs.

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Best of luck reaching your fitness goals.










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